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Hi, I’m Lioba.


I was born and grew up in Germany, traveled through Australia and Southeast Asia, studied in the Netherlands, lived and worked in Peru. Soon starting a new adventure back in Germany.

I love self-growth, reflecting about life, connecting with inspiring humans, and elefants. I have a passion for travel, feminism, minimalism and dancing.


I believe that we are all connected – that we are on this planet to love and support one another. What separates us are our fears, egos and misconceptions – which we can overcome by personal growth, compassion and empathy. I believe in the power of one, and that together we can get in life what we all want – community and love. Everyone being equal does not mean we’re all the same, but a world without discrimination of any kind.


I simply want to contribute to the discussions that are out there and share my thoughts, feelings and ideas about all these issues related to feminism. I want us to learn from each other and grow together. Because only when we reach out, connect with each other and spread awareness we can make a positive change in our world.

I am happy about positive comments, likes and shares.
Enjoy browsing!

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